Technology Implications of UWB on Wireless Sensor Network-A detailed Survey

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Kamran Ayub
Valerijs Zagurskis


In today’s high tech “SMART” world sensor based networks are widely used. The main challenge with wireless-based sensor networks is the underneath physical layer. In this survey, we have identified core obstacles of wireless sensor network when UWB is used at PHY layer. This research was done using a systematic approach to assess UWB’s effectiveness (for WSN) based on information taken from various research papers, books, technical surveys and articles. Our aim is to measure the UWB’s effectiveness for WSN and analyze the different obstacles allied with its implementation. Starting from existing solutions to proposed theories. Here we have focused only on the core concerns, e.g. spectrum, interference, synchronization etc.Our research concludes that despite all the bottlenecks and challenges, UWB’s efficient capabilities makes it an attractive PHY layer scheme for the WSN, provided we can control interference and energy problems. This survey gives a fresh start to the researchers and prototype designers to understand the technological concerns associated with UWB’s implementation

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Ayub, K., & Zagurskis, V. (2022). Technology Implications of UWB on Wireless Sensor Network-A detailed Survey. International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security (IJCNIS), 7(3). (Original work published September 26, 2015)
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Kamran Ayub, New York University. Riga Technical University.

Kamran Ayub CRMTechnology Group, NYUADNew York University