Live Migration of Virtualized Carrier Grade SIP Server

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Tadasuke Nozoe
Masahiko Noguchi
Minoru Sakuma
Mikio Isawa


The concept of network virtualization, such as network functions virtualization, has attracted considerable attention from telecom carriers and a live migration technique is a key feature of virtualization technology. However, there are some challenges associated with applying server virtualization technology including live migration to a SIP server. Previous work has not dealt with the performance or behavior of a SIP server during live migration. Neither has it targeted a carrier grade SIP server for live migration. In this paper we present a virtualized carrier grade SIP server running on a virtual machine, which is configured with Carrier Grade Linux, HA middleware and SIP-AS application. We also assess its performance to investigate the impact of throughput degradation and suspension on a SIP layer and HA cluster configuration.

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Nozoe, T., Noguchi, M., Sakuma, M., & Isawa, M. (2022). Live Migration of Virtualized Carrier Grade SIP Server. International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security (IJCNIS), 8(2). (Original work published August 20, 2016)
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