A Deterministic Algorithm for the Deployment of Wireless Sensor Networks

Franco Frattolillo(1*)
(1) Department of Engineering, University of Sannio
(*) Corresponding Author


Wireless sensor networks are made up by communicating sensor nodes that gather and elaborate information from real world in a distributed and coordinated way in order to deliver an intelligent support to human activities. They are used in many fields such as national security, surveillance, health care, biological detection, and environmental monitoring. However, sensor nodes are characterized by limited wireless communication and computing capabilities as well as reduced on-board battery power. Therefore, they have to be carefully deployed in order to cover the areas to be monitored without impairing network lifetime. This paper presents a new deterministic algorithm to solve the coverage problem of well-known areas by means of wireless sensor networks. The proposed algorithm depends on a small set of parameters and can control sensor deployment within areas even in the presence of obstacles. Moreover, the algorithm makes it possible to control the redundancy degree that can be obtained in covering a region of interest so as to achieve a network deployment characterized by a minimum number of wireless sensor nodes.

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