Architecture for Fault Tolerance in Mobile Cloud Computing using Disease Resistance Approach

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Naga Raju Dasari
Saritha V


The mobile cloud computing (MCC) is one of the emerging fields in the distributed computing. MCC is an integration of both mobile computing and cloud computing. The limitations of the mobile devices are storage, battery and processing proficiency.These sensitive characteristics of mobile devices can be effectively handled with the introduction of cloud computing. The increasing functionality of the cloud and complexity of the applications causes resource failures in the cloud computing and it reduces the overall performance of the MCC environment. On the other hand, the existing approaches for resource scheduling in MCC proposed several architectures and they are only concentrated on the allocation of resources. The existing architectures are lack of fault tolerance mechanism to handle the faulty resources. To overcome the issues stated above, this paper proposes architecture for fault tolerance in MCC using Disease Resistance approach (DRFT). The main aim of the DRFT approach is to effectively handle the faultyVMs in the MCC. This DRFT approach utilizes the human disease resistance mechanism which is used as materials and methods in the proposed model. The DRFT is capable of identifying the faulty virtual machines and reschedules the tasks to the identified suitable virtual machines. This procedure ultimately leads to minimization of makespan value and it improves the overall performance of the scheduling process. To validate the effectiveness of the proposed approach, a series of simulations has been carried out using CloudSim simulator. The performance of the proposed DRFT approach is compared with the Dynamic group based fault tolerance approach (DGFT-approach). The makespan value of DRFT is reduced to 7% and the performance of DRFT is increased when compare to the DGFT approach. The experimental results show the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

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Dasari, N. R., & V, S. (2022). Architecture for Fault Tolerance in Mobile Cloud Computing using Disease Resistance Approach. International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security (IJCNIS), 8(2). (Original work published August 20, 2016)
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