CALAR: Community Aware Location Assisted Routing Framework for Delay Tolerant Networks

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sweta jain
Vinuraj R


Infrastructure less communication strategies havegreatly evolved and found its way to most of our real lifeapplications like sensor networks, terrestrial communications,military communications etc. The communication pattern for allthese scenarios being identical i.e. encounter basedcommunication,characteristics of each communication domainare distinct. Hence the protocols applied for each environmentshould be defined carefully by considering its owncommunication patterns. While designing a routing protocol themain aspects under consideration include delay, connectivity,cost etc. In case of applications having limited connectivity,concept of Delay tolerant network (DTN) is deployed, whichassists delivering messages even in partitioned networks withlimited connectivity by using store and forward architecture.Node properties like contact duration, inter contact duration,location, community, direction of movement, angle of contact etc.were used for designing different classes of routing protocols forDTN. This paper introduces a new protocol that exploits thefeatures of both community based as well as location basedrouting protocols to achieve higher data delivery ratio invehicular scenarios. Results obtained show that proposedalgorithms have much improved delivery ratio comparedtoexisting routing algorithms which use any one of the aboveproperty individually.

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jain, sweta, & R, V. (2022). CALAR: Community Aware Location Assisted Routing Framework for Delay Tolerant Networks. International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security (IJCNIS), 9(2). (Original work published June 25, 2017)
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