DPCA: Dual Phase Cloud Infrastructure Authentication

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R Thandeeswaran
M A Saleem Durai


Every user appreciates the security of their datairrespective of its sensitivity. At the same time, user does not wantto be held up with the legacy systems, which may be stronglysecured but not with fantasy. Network travelled many phases of itsown such as internet, intranet, wireless network, sensor network,Ad-hoc network, Mobile network, Blue-tooth, Cloud and IoT, themost popular technique now. Hence, whatever the type of networkhitting the end user with improvised quality, get compromised insecurity.People feel pleasure upon sharing their moments with theirconnections. Huge amount of data are in transit either by means ofstoring them in cloud or retrieving. Users lose control over theirdata, they are unaware about the people accessing and modifying.Hence DataCentres have to be protected from unauthorized illegalaccess. Illegal data access may be initiated by a boot or a bot. Manor a Machine discrimination has been resolved with CAPTCHA.This paper, DPCA, proposes an authentication at two differentphases. In the first phase, the user is authenticated with the newtype of CAPTCHA. With this methodology, user is segregated asman or machine. Thereby bot-nets are filtered out and the floodingmessages from bots are mitigated. In the second phase, where onlyman is allowed to access the cloud resources, he is authenticatedwith Dempster Shafter hypothetical approach combined with theuser intent and not the content. DPCA has been tested in theinfrastructure and the experimental results proved the strength ofthe algorithm.

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Thandeeswaran, R., & Durai, M. A. S. (2016). DPCA: Dual Phase Cloud Infrastructure Authentication. International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security (IJCNIS), 8(3). https://doi.org/10.17762/ijcnis.v8i3.2158
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