Enhanced PF Scheduling Algorithm for LTE Networks

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Renê Pomilio de Oliveira
Lourival Aparecido de Góis, Augusto Foronda


Scheduling Algorithm is a key Radio ResourceManagement (RRM) mechanism to achieve Quality of Service(QoS) requirements and to optimize system performance of LongTerm Evolution (LTE) network. The LTE standard does notspecify a scheduling algorithm and some schedules have beenproposed in the literature. Most of them consider the channelstate or some QoS metric, however, they do not consider thePF characteristics and the delay required by the user. Then, anenhanced scheduling algorithm was proposed based on Latency-Rate (LR) server theory and system characteristics specifiedby the LTE standard. Properties of this proposal have beeninvestigated theoretically and through simulations. A simulationis presented with video traffic and also performance comparisonswith Proportional Fairness (PF) and Modified Largest WeightedDelay First (MLWDF) schedulers. The results show that theproposed schedule has a better performance compared with theabove schedulers.

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de Oliveira, R. P., & Augusto Foronda, L. A. de G. (2018). Enhanced PF Scheduling Algorithm for LTE Networks. International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security (IJCNIS), 10(1). https://doi.org/10.17762/ijcnis.v10i1.3026
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