Performance Analysis of SAP-NFC Protocol

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Mustafa Al-Fayoumi
Shadi Nashwan


The operations cost of authentication session is considered as strict indicator to evaluate the authentication protocols side by side with the security requirements achievements in the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. The secure authentication protocol for the NFC mobile payment systems (SAP-NFC) one of the recent authentication protocols that have proposed to achieve high level of security features such as the fully mutual authentication, anonymity and untraceability. Moreover, the SAP-NFC protocol can prevent the current security attacks. This paper, analyzes the performance of the SAP-NFC protocol comparing with the other recent NFC mobile payment protocols in the NFC devices that are included in the system. The performance analysis has illustrated that the SAP-NFC protocol not only supports strong security features, but also offers low cost in term of amount of computations.

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Al-Fayoumi, M., & Nashwan, S. (2018). Performance Analysis of SAP-NFC Protocol. International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security (IJCNIS), 10(1).
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