Resource Allocation using Genetic Algorithm in Multimedia Wireless Networks

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Yaser Khamayseh
Rabiah Al-qudah


Resource allocations in wireless networks is a very challenging task, at one hand wireless networks have scarce resources and suffers from many limitations. At the other hand, typical resource allocation problems requires extensive amount of computations and are usually NP-hard problems. Hence, there is dire need for effective and feasible solutions. Resource allocation problems are concerned in distributing the available network’s resources to all active users in a fair way. Although fairness is hard to define, this work considers the fairness aspects for both, the users and the network operator (service provider). Bio-inspired algorithm are used in many context to provide simple and effective solution tochallenging problems. This works employs Genetic Algorithm to provide effective solution to resource allocation problem for multimedia allocation in wireless networks. The performance of the proposed solution is evaluated using simulation. The obtained simulation results show that the proposed solutionachieved better performance.

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Khamayseh, Y., & Al-qudah, R. (2022). Resource Allocation using Genetic Algorithm in Multimedia Wireless Networks. International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security (IJCNIS), 10(2). (Original work published August 8, 2018)
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