Workload Cluster Balance Algorithm to Improve Wireless Sensor Network Performance

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ahmed jedidi


Wireless sensor Networks (WSNs) became in one of the important technologies in our days in which it is applied in many applications and domains. The low cost technology of the WSNs is the first obstacle to improve performance in these applications. However, the usual methods of routing algorithm cannot be applied in WSNs. Consequently, an adaptive routing algorithm is critical issue in the current deployment of WSN applications. The main contribution of this paper is to develop a new routing protocol that address performance challenges in WSNs this will consequent extend the network lifetime of WSN. Moreover, this proposed algorithm uses a new cluster system to define a route from source node to sink node in which the balance load cluster routing algorithm consists to balance the workload between the different nodes to keep the lifetime for the whole network. As a result, the proposed algorithm improve the network lifetime by 22% compare to existing algorithms and the average of the energy consumption is decreased by 18%.

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jedidi, ahmed. (2022). Workload Cluster Balance Algorithm to Improve Wireless Sensor Network Performance. International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security (IJCNIS), 11(1). (Original work published April 19, 2019)
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