Drishya SR(1*), Renukadevi S(2), Vaidehi V(3)
(1) VIT University
(2) VIT University
(3) VIT University
(*) Corresponding Author
DOI : 10.54039/ijcnis.v13i1.4746


The main concern in MANET is increasing network lifetime and security. Clustering is one of the approaches that help in maintaining network stability. Electing an efficient and reliable Cluster Head (CH) is a challenging task. Many approaches are proposed for efficient clustering, weight-based clustering is one among them. This paper proposes a stable clustering scheme which provides network stability and energy efficiency. Proposed Stable Clustering Algorithm with Node Prediction (SCA-NP) computes the weight of the node using a combination of node metrics. Among these metrics, Direct Trust (DT) of the node provides a secure choice of CH and Node Prediction metric based on the minimum estimated time that node stay in the cluster provides the stable clustering. Mobility prediction is considered as the probability that a node stays in the network. This metric helps in electing CH which is available in the network for a longer time. Simulation is done in NS3 to evaluate the performance of SCA-NP in terms of clusters formed, network lifetime, efficiency in packet delivery, detecting malicious nodes and avoiding them in communication.

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