Design a secure IoT Architecture using Smart Wireless Networks

Nourah Almrezeq(1), Lama Almadhoor(2), Thowg Alrasheed(3), A. A. Abd El-Aziz(4), Shadi Nashwan(5*)
(5) Associate professor in computer and network security. Computer Science Dep. College of Computer and Information Sciences. Jouf University, Saudi Arabia.
(*) Corresponding Author


The Internet of Things (IOT) is a revolution in the technology world, and this field is continuously evolving. It has made life easier for people by providing consumers with more efficient and effective resources in faster and more convenient ways. The Internet of Things is one of the most exciting fields for the future by 2030. 90% of the planet will be connected and all devices in homes and businesses around us will be connected to the Internet making it more vulnerable to violations of privacy and protection. Due to the complexity of its environment, security and privacy are the most critical issues relevant to IoT. Without the reliable security of the devices, they will lose their importance and efficiency. Moreover, the security violation will outweigh any of its benefits. In this paper, an overview of various layered IoT architectures, a review of common security attacks from the perspective of the layer, and the best techniques against these attacks are provided. Moreover, an enhanced layered IoT architecture is proposed, which will be protected against several security attacks.

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