Quasi Real-Time Intermodulation Interference Method: Analysis and Performance

Mohammad Malkawi(1), Khaldoon Al-Zoubi(2), Ahmed Shatnawi(3*)
(1) Jordan University of Science and Technology
(2) Jordan University of Science and Technology
(3) Jordan University of Science and Technology
(*) Corresponding Author
DOI : 10.54039/ijcnis.v13i1.4924


Establishing interference-free wireless networks has become essential requirement with theadvent of 5G networks as wireless carriers becoming eager to start transmitting high volume of voice anddata to meet enterprise demands and consumers for dispersed information. Indeed, reduction of interferencelevel now emerges as one of the most viable solutions for the service provider networks, as 5G networksuse is increasingly on the rise. Therefore, a comprehensive interference solution is needed to enable serviceproviders (e.g., cellular, PCS, Wi-Fi and Broadband, and LTE wireless LAN/WAN services) to identify andresolve network interference quickly and reliably. However, currently existing methods and tools, used toconduct interference detection and analysis lack the necessary performance required in the RF engineeringand spectrum optimization fields, and hence, fast, and reliable networks. This paper presents a new highperformancemethod for detecting and mitigating intermodulation interference in various wireless networks.Clearly, reducing the level of interference in wireless communication contributes directly to having animproved and reliable signal to noise ratio (C/I). We will discuss the complexity of the intermodulationinterference problem. We will further compare the performance of the new approach with different existinginterference detection methods. We will show that the presented method intermodulation complexity isreduced to a near linear one, compared to the current non-linear methods.

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