Novel Approach for IP-PBX Denial of Service Intrusion Detection Using Support Vector Machine Algorithm.

Abdirisaq Jama(1*), Othman O. Khalifa(2), Nantha Kumar Subramaniam(3)
(1) Faculty of Engineering Open University Malaysia
(2) International Islamic University Malaysia
(3) Open University Malaysia
(*) Corresponding Author
DOI : 10.54039/ijcnis.v13i2.4967


Recent trends have revealed that SIP based IP-PBX DoS attacks contribute to most overall IP-PBX attacks which is resulting in loss of revenues and quality of service in telecommunication providers. IP-PBX face challenges in detecting and mitigating malicious traffic. In this research, Support Vector Machine (SVM) machine learning detection & prevention algorithm were developed to detect this type of attacks Two other techniques were benchmarked decision tree and Naïve Bayes. The training phase of the machine learning algorithm used proposed real-time training datasets benchmarked with two training datasets from CICIDS and NSL-KDD. Proposed real-time training dataset for SVM algorithm achieved highest detection rate of 99.13% while decision tree and Naïve Bayes has 93.28% & 86.41% of attack detection rate, respectively. For CICIDS dataset, SVM algorithm achieved highest detection rate of 76.47% while decision tree and Naïve Bayes has 63.71% & 41.58% of detection rate, respectively. Using NSL-KDD training dataset, SVM achieved 65.17%, while decision tree and Naïve Bayes has 51.96% & 38.26% of detection rate, respectively.

The time taken by the algorithms to classify the attack is very important. SVM gives less time (2.9 minutes) for detecting attacks while decision tree and naïve Bayes gives 13.6 minutes 26.2 minutes, respectively. Proposed SVM algorithm achieved the lowest false negative value of (87 messages) while decision table and Naïve Bayes achieved false negative messages of 672 and 1359, respectively.

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