Preventing data leakage by securing chat session with randomized session ID

Husna Sarirah Husin(1*)
(1) Universiti Kuala Lumpur
(*) Corresponding Author
DOI : 10.54039/ijcnis.v13i3.5029


Messaging applications have become one of the largest and most popular smartphone applications. It includes the capacity for the users to communicate between themselves via text messages, photos and files. It is necessary to safeguard all messages. Privacy is one of the biggest issues which most individuals in the world of instant messaging ignore. Although several instant messaging applications offer varying security for users, the weaknesses and danger of data assault are increasing. Not just business discussions, our data must also be safeguarded during everyday discussions since data is very sensitive for everybody, and data protection is very crucial to prevent undesired loss of information. To address these types of weaknesses and hazards associated with data attacks, we require an encrypted messaging protocol and also hide IP address method for a safe interaction. This paper's goal is to protect conversations from targeted attacker by securing the communication between user and hide IP address from unauthorized access.

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