Methods for assessing the impact of bandwidth of control channels on the quality of telecommunications networks in the transmission of data packets of different types

Mohialdeen Mustafa Mohammed(1), Zaika Viktor(2), Khlaponin Yurii(3), Berkman Lyubov(4), Polonskyi Konstiantyn(5), Oleksandr Leonidovich Turovsky(6*)
(1) Middle Technical University,
(2) State University of Telecommunications
(3) Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture
(4) State University of Telecommunications
(5) State University of Telecommunications
(6) National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03058
(*) Corresponding Author
DOI : 10.54039/ijcnis.v13i2.5034


Abstract: It is known that since the early 2000s there has been a rapid increase in data traffic and a significant increase in the need for information flows in the process of providing new types of telecommunications services. This has led to the fact that the existing telecommunications networks have failed or approached the limit of their ability to serve subscribers with specified quality of service. The problem of improving the network architecture of such networks and improving the quality of their operation based on the use of modern methods and principles has arisen and needs constant solution. In this paper the requirements to the bandwidth of the channels of the telecommunication network management system in modern conditions are analyzed and their formalized description is given. In order to assess the bandwidth of the channel of the control network of the telecommunications network on the indicators of the quality of its work in the transmission of various types of data in the work developed and submitted an appropriate methodology. The method is based on mathematical dependences that describe the process of functioning of the telecommunication network management system based on the application of the laws and rules of queuing theory.

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