Modelling Multilayer Communication Channel in Terahertz Band for Medical Applications

Essraa Hesham Mahmoud(1*), Mohammed S. Gadelrab(2), Khaled ElSayed(3), Abdel Rahman Sallam(4)
(1) Cairo University
(2) National Institute of Standards (Egypt)
(3) Cairo University
(4) National Institute of Standards (Egypt)
(*) Corresponding Author
DOI : 10.54039/ijcnis.v13i3.5041


In this work we present a multi-layer channel model for terahertz communication that incorporates both layers of human body tissues and textile layers. Many research works tackled communication channel modelling in human body alone while some other research focused on textile characterization/modelling alone. There is a real gap in connecting these different models. To investigate this, a multi-layer channel model for terahertz communication is developed, this model assumes external textile layer stacked over layers of human body tissues. The electromagnetic properties of the different layers are extracted from previous works that used time domain spectroscopy (TDS) in the terahertz band to characterize each of the considered layers. The model is implemented as a flexible MATLAB/Octave program that enables the simulation of layers with either fixed or random depths. This paper aims to pave the way to connecting patients’ in-body nano-nodes with off-body (on-cloth) nano-nodes by building such a combined channel model. This helps in many applications especially in the medical field. For example, having connected nano-nodes can help in diagnosing diseases, monitoring health by sending information to the external environment, treatment (e.g., increasing or decreasing a certain dose depending on the monitoring), etc. The obtained results show how the THz signal can be affected when it propagates through heterogeneous mediums (i.e., human body tissues and textile). Various types of path-loss has been calculated for this purpose and verified by comparison with results from previous research on separate models of human body and textile.

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