Performance analysis of black hole and worm hole attacks in MANETs

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Mazoon Hashil Al Rubaiei
Hothefa Shaker Jassim
Baraa T. Sharef


A Mobile Ad Hoc Network MANET is composed of a freely and mobility set of mobile nodes. They form a temporary dynamic wireless network without any infrastructure. Since the nodes act as both host and router in their communication, they act as a router provide connectivity by forwarding data packets among intermediate nodes to the destination. The routing protocol is used to grove their communication and connectivity as example, the Ad On-demand distance vector (AODV) routing protocol. However, due to the lack of security vulnerabilities of routing protocols and the absence of infrastructure, MANET is vulnerable to various security threats and attacks. This paper examines the impact of two types of attacks on AODV routing protocol using Network Simulator version 2 (NS2) environment. These attacks are Blackhole and Wormhole Attacks. The aim of both of them is to prevent data packets to reach the destination node and dropping all the traffic. 

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Al Rubaiei, M. H., Jassim, H. S., & Sharef, B. T. (2022). Performance analysis of black hole and worm hole attacks in MANETs. International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security (IJCNIS), 14(1). (Original work published April 12, 2022)
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