Performance Exploration of Uncertain RF MEMS Switch Design with Uniform Meanders

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C Leela Mohan
K Ch Sri Kavya, K Sarat Kumar


The design of RF-MEMS Switch is useful for future artificial intelligence applications. Radio detection and range estimation has been employed with RF MEMS technology. Attenuators, limiters, phase shifters, T/R switches, and adjustable matching networks are components of RF MEMS. The proposed RF MEMS technology has been introduced in T/R modules, lenses, reflect arrays, sub arrays and switching beam formers. The uncertain RF MEMS switches have been faced many issues like switching and voltage alterations. This study aims in the direction of design, simulation, model along with RF MEMS switching analysis including consistent curving or meandering. The proposed RF MEMS Switch is a flexure form of the Meanders that attain minimal power in nominal voltage. Moreover, this research work highlights the materials assortment in case of beam along with signal-based dielectric. The performance analysis is demonstrated for various materials that have been utilized in the design purpose. Further, better isolation is accomplished at the range of -31dB necessary regarding 8.06V pull-in voltage through a spring constant valued at 3.588N/m, switching capacitance analysis has been found to be 103 fF at ON state and 7.03pF at OFF state and the proposed switch is optimized to work at 38GHz. The designed RF MEMS switch is giving 30% voltage improvement; switching frequency is improved by 21.32% had been attained, which are outperformance the methodology and compete with present technology.

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Mohan, C. L. ., & K Sarat Kumar, K. C. S. K. . (2022). Performance Exploration of Uncertain RF MEMS Switch Design with Uniform Meanders. International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security (IJCNIS), 14(2), 66–82.
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