Cyber Physical System Based Smart Healthcare System with Federated Deep Learning Architectures with Data Analytics

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Dadang Hermawan
Ni Made Dewi Kansa Putri
Lucky Kartanto


Data shared between hospitals and patients using mobile and wearable Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices raises privacy concerns due to the methods used in training. the development of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and related technologies and the most current advances in these areas The Internet of Medical Things and other recent technological advancements have transformed the traditional healthcare system into a smart one. improvement in computing power and the spread of information have transformed the healthcare system into a high-tech, data-driven operation. On the other hand, mobile and wearable IoMT devices present privacy concerns regarding the data transmitted between hospitals and end users because of the way in which artificial intelligence is trained (AI-centralized). In terms of machine learning (AI-centralized). Devices connected to the IoMT network transmit highly confidential information that could be intercepted by adversaries. Due to the portability of electronic health record data for clinical research made possible by medical cyber-physical systems, the rate at which new scientific discoveries can be made has increased. While AI helps improve medical informatics, the current methods of centralised data training and insecure data storage management risk exposing private medical information to unapproved foreign organisations. New avenues for protecting users' privacy in IoMT without requiring access to their data have been opened by the federated learning (FL) distributive AI paradigm. FL safeguards user privacy by concealing all but gradients during training. DeepFed is a novel Federated Deep Learning approach presented in this research for the purpose of detecting cyber threats to intelligent healthcare CPSs.

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Hermawan, D. ., Dewi Kansa Putri, N. M. ., & Kartanto, L. . (2022). Cyber Physical System Based Smart Healthcare System with Federated Deep Learning Architectures with Data Analytics. International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security (IJCNIS), 14(2), 222–233.
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