A Fuzzy Logic Based Defense Mechanism against Distributed Denial of Services Attack in Cloud Environment

N.Ch.S. N. Iyengar(1*), Arindam Banerjee(2), Gopinath Ganapathy(3)
(1) Senior Professor VIT University,Vellore,India Tamilnadu
(*) Corresponding Author


Cloud defines a new age of computing solution that provides services to customers with its unique features of agility and multi-tenancy. As the critical resources are hosted at cloud provider’s end, security is a big challenge in cloud computing. If the cloud environment is compromised and attackers get the access of core data centers, the availability of the critical resources becomes a big concern for the service consumers. Denial of Service and Distributed Denial of Service kind of attacks are launched towards cloud environment to make the resources unavailable for legitimate users. In this paper we propose a fuzzy logic based defense mechanism that can be set with predefined rules by which it can detect the malicious packets and takes proper counter measures to mitigate the DDoS attack. Also a detailed study of different kind of DDoS attack and existing defense strategies has been carried out.


Keywords: DoS, DDoS, fuzzy logic.

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