Improved IDMA for Multiple Access of 5G

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Due to its good performance and low complexity, IDMA is believed to be an important technique for future radio access (FRA). However, its performances are highly affected by the interleaver design. In this paper we propose two contributions to improve the performance of the IDMA. First, we propose a new interleaver design, called "NLM interleaver", which improves the computational complexity, reduces the bandwidth consumption and the memory requirements of the system, provides the quasi-orthogonal spreading codes and interleavers with a high security and offers infinite sets of codes and interleavers based on only one parameter. Second, we propose a new user grouping algorithm based on the correlation function to improve the resources (Codes, Interleavers). All users are divided into several equal-size groups where each group's data transmitted at the same time, over the same frequencies and the same interleaver. The simulation results indicate that the proposed scheme can achieve better performances compared to the existing algorithms.

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AKBIL, B., & ABOUTAJDINE, D. (2022). Improved IDMA for Multiple Access of 5G. International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security (IJCNIS), 7(3). (Original work published September 18, 2015)
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