A Survey on Dynamic Spectrum Access Techniques in Cognitive Radio Networks

Badr Benmammar, Asma Amraoui, Francine Krief


The idea of Cognitive Radio (CR) is to share the spectrum between a user called primary, and a user called secondary. Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) is a new spectrum sharing paradigm in cognitive radio that allows secondary users to access the abundant spectrum holes in the licensed spectrum bands. DSA is an auspicious technology to alleviate the spectrum scarcity problem and increase spectrum utilization. While DSA has attracted many research efforts recently, in this paper, a survey of spectrum access techniques using cooperation and competition to solve the problem of spectrum allocation in cognitive radio networks is presented.

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International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security (IJCNIS)          ISSN: 2076-0930 (Print)           ISSN: 2073-607X (Online)