Vol 5, No 2 (2013)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

A Game Theory based Contention Window Adjustment for IEEE 802.11 under Heavy Load PDF
Mahdieh Ghazvini, Naser Movahedinia, kamal jamshidi
Integrated Satellite-Terrestrial System Capacity Over Mix Shadowed Rician and Nakagami Channels PDF
Arif Iqbal, Kazi M Ahmed
An Enhanced Entropy Approach to Detect and Prevent DDoS in Cloud Environment PDF
N Jeyanthi, N.Ch.S.N Iyengar, P C Mogan Kumar, Kannammal A
A Secure Method for Authenticity Verification of Handwritten Signatures Through Digital Image Processing and Artificial Neural Networks PDF
Deivison Pinheiro Franco, Felipe Dantas Barboza, Nágila Magalhães Cardoso
Lateral Pre-crash Sensing and Avoidance in Emotion Enabled Cognitive Agent based Vehicle-2-Vehicle Communication System PDF
Faisal Riaz, Syed Ismail Shah, Muhammad Raees, Imran Shafi, Arslan Iqbal

Surveys/ Reviews

A Survey on Dynamic Spectrum Access Techniques in Cognitive Radio Networks PDF
Badr Benmammar, Asma Amraoui, Francine Krief
A Detailed Survey on Various Aspects of SQL Injection in Web Applications: Vulnerabilities, Innovative Attacks, and Remedies PDF
Diallo Abdoulaye Kindy, Al-Sakib Khan Pathan

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