Vol 2, No 2 (2010)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Guard Channel based Call Admission Control Schemes in Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 Networks PDF
Shun-Fang Yang and Jung-Shyr Wu
Enhanced Triple Umpiring System for Security and Performance Improvement in Wireless MANETS PDF
Ayyaswamy Kathirvel and Rengaramanujam Srinivasan
Asynchronous Networks and Erlang Formulas PDF
Erik Chromý and Matej Kavacký
QoS Provisioning in Three Layer MIPv6 Architecture using RSVP PDF
Nitul Dutta and Iti Saha Misra
Broadband cognitive radio transmission based on sub-channel sensing and NC-OFDM PDF
Gang Xu, Yiwen Zhu, Meng Han
Mesh Networks Planning: Optimization with Multi-Hop Interference PDF
André Cardote and Susana Sargento
An Energy Efficient Multichannel MAC Protocol for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks PDF
S. M. Kamruzzaman
A Proactively Maintained Quality of Service Infrastructure for Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks PDF
Moussa Ayyash, Donald Ucci and Khaled Alzoubi
An Agent-Based Intrusion Detection System for Local Area Networks PDF
Jaydip Sen

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