A Game Theory based Contention Window Adjustment for IEEE 802.11 under Heavy Load

Mahdieh Ghazvini(1*), Naser Movahedinia(2), kamal jamshidi(3)
(1) University of Isfahan
(2) university of isfahan
(3) university of isfahan
(*) Corresponding Author


The 802.11 families are considered as the most applicable set of standards for Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) where nodes make access to the wireless media using random access techniques. In such networks, each node adjusts its contention window to the minimum size irrespective of the number of competing nodes, so in saturated mode and excessive number of nodes available, the network performance is reduced due to severe collision probability. A cooperative game is being proposed to adjust the users’ contention windows in improving the network throughput, delay and packet drop ratio under heavy traffic load circumstances. The system’s performance evaluated by simulations indicate some superiorities of the proposed method over 802.11-DCF (Distribute Coordinate Function).

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